PT 1332  Base for Feeder or Lantern  14lbs. $42.00
PT 1333  Feeder Roof & Lid  14lbs. $42.00
PT 1334  Stein Handle & Lid  8lbs. $24.00
PT 1373  Numbers for House Plaque  5lbs.  $15.00
PT 1375  Lg. Hummingbird Feeder  13lbs. 
PT 1376  Lid for Lg. Hummingbird Feeder  3lbs. 
PT 1377  Med. Hummingbird Feeder  9lbs.
PT 1378  Lid for Med. Hummingbird Feeder  3lbs. 
PT 1379  Sm. Hummingbird Feeder  8lbs.
PT 1380  Lid for Sm. Hummingbird Feeder  3lbs. 
PT 1381  Southwest Feeder or Lantern  15lbs. $45.00
PT 1382  Plain Sm. Boxes  12lbs. $36.00
PT 1385  Vert. Southwest Address Plaque  20lbs. $60.00
PT 1386  Skull Address Plaque  20lbs. $60.00

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